Covid-19 Procedures

Whether we like it or not Covid-19 is part of our "new normal." Sadly our government isn't doing much to help us out so it's up to us to keep each other safe! There is inherent risk in every personal interaction. Here are the things that I am doing to help mitigate that risk.

  • Intake forms and Covid-19 screening forms are filled out by each client during the booking process.
  • Masks fully covering the mouth and nose are required (by the state) to be worn by both the client and therapist for the duration of the session. If you cannot bring your own mask please let me know prior to your appointment so I can make sure to have one for you.
  • I schedule 30 minutes between clients to allow myself adequate time to clean and sanitize the room. The table and face cradle are thoroughly wiped between clients, as well as the stool, light switch, doorknobs, massage tools, and any other frequently touched surfaces using Clorox wipes (which is an EPA approved disinfectant for SARS-CoV-2). In addition, I always wash my hands and arms above the elbows before and after each session.
  • I will be keeping my cancelation policy flexible; if you need to cancel at any time due to illness (of yourself or anyone in your home/work), there will be no fee. However, you must notify me directly before the appointment, no call no shows will still forfeit their 50% deposit.
  • To keep my potential exposure limited I am not attending any large gatherings, going to the gym, or bars. I am also keeping the number of sessions I work very limited.

Please understand that these measures are in place to protect me and my family as well as you and yours. 💜